Welcome to Our Story

Four musicians - three nations: South Africa, England, Germany - this international fusion hints an underlining diversity of art. Founded by lead - singer Mark Eliah in 2006, “The Eternal Flame Tour” encompasses a vast format of values, transcending far beyond the music itself and remains closely linked to ME's "Earthprojekt" (www.Earthprojekt.org).

Over the years ME and "everstartedsomewhere" have been featured in over 100 US college radio stations, also radio in Toronto/ Canada, Tokyo/Japan and renowned German radiostations such as HR3 in Germany, reaching 350 000 listeners and was highlighted by the internationally acclaimed German newspaper "Süddeutsche Zeitung".  

Fate amplified guitarist Chris Herrle and pianist Marc Joliffe to join and complement the musical part of the project during the early months of 2016. Philipp Strüb
er (drums) united with the band during late 2017 to expand the distinguished accent of this engaging adventure.

The 4 artists are set to tour Germany and parts of Europe in 2021, while international stages keep forming for beyond 2022.

The tour - repertoire of music envelopes new, unreleased songs and the 2013 album “everstartedsomewhere”, which stretches its versatile context into a multitude of genres, featuring unplugged guitars, synths and sophisticated drum-stems.

The blend of influences creates a symbiosis of modern and traditional segments, reminding of a 'bowie - esque' Depeche Mode, Ah-a, U2, Muse & Pink Floyd, touching with a breath of Jim Morrison/ the Doors. Younger audiences correlate "A-ha meets Radiohead meets Coldplay meets Arctic Monkeys" - yet the soft but present timbre of Mark Eliah certifies and endorses an unmistakably evident uniqueness. 

The live concerts adress both visually and auditively, as the music is presented alongside a video-projection, emphasizing the content of the lyrics, synchronised to the band performance.