Trusting in the direction and divine timing of the soul and spirit. Watching out for INSIDE STARS and OUTSIDE STARS. Patience. Treading by Intuition. Being a friend to thankfulness. Staying close to the energy of self - integrity, while storms outside do what they do. Things are as they are. Everything happens for a reason. Some people come, some people go, some people stay. Sometimes Stars lead to surprising and new shores never thought of. Move with courage. Detect what eyes can't see. Meaningful pathways stem from stillness & spirit's realm. 

Go forth with love.

A February - Hello to you :)

20. December 2023, a Merry Festive Season to all 


It is this time of the year again ..

.. in which quarrels, equity - discrepancies, 

“dis-ease” & weapons 

are - at least now - 

 finally to be layed down .. 

doors opened and personal, 

eye - to - eye approaches 

to be allowed in .. 


Courage calls for this, yes. 

Yet also insight, 

that ultimately 

we all want the same:

peace & harmony .. on an exceptionally beautiful planet.

28.April 2023 "Stars" continue to lead the way ..  

It has been a very bumpy ride for me since 2020, that is for sure .. yet looking out for my “stars”, moving forward by instinct, casting musicians for concerts .. 

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