20th January 2023, FRANKFURT/ GERMANY. True Companions are rare ..

We all are potentially doing our best to be human beings in our best version.  

As this road remains alive, the world we are a part of seems a section of creation in which finding our own colour and treadpath is a responsibility we cannot move around. 

It is up to us to decide, where we draw the lines and where we open up (for) new horizons. 

Still on route to my first 1000 'Eternal Flamers' in the evolving Fan Reward Area


who will

reserve themselves


life - time features

with it ... 

.. a new music edition is on the ramp to release into this inner circle @ the Fan Reward Area soon .. 

As we have only one lifetime in the way we are, it is up to us, where we give our energy to. 

And as I have been who I am for the world to see, taking it on my bill so far, many of you will know that I have opted to take a path other than what the traditional music industry dictates. I have my reasons. 

I am proud to have met the good souls I have encountered on my ways so far - analogue or online.  

And I am proud to continue being .. & doing what I do .. and much more with "a little help of my friends". 

I'm asking you to be a true companion. 

The road is long.  

Be true. Always.

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