8th December 2022, the 2022 Festive Season vibe releases here


.. today my 2022 Festive Season single releases - exclusively available on my site:  

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This arrangement of sound is for the quiet, peaceful moment, the air fed with a state of inner serenity and warmth ..  

For a little space in time, we dive into a log cabin deep within the mountains .. a crackling fireplace hugs our feet while we watch outside, as snow and snowflakes greet a deer, - carefully .. silently .. tip - toeing its path to our doorstep .. we can - and should - create such openings in the finite while we have as we are ..  

May this tune carry harmony to your being and into your home - - may this phase of the year give us the space to remind ourselves of the most important gemstones in our lives ..  

Take great care. Always. 

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