01.03.2022, Life is holy


Life is holy.

A being happy in itself by nature enjoys the moment, watches and exists alongside other life around as it is, breathing a thankful, peaceful smile, in bliss and honour of all that is. The happy holds no need to take from another - it is already full with - and in - itself. The happy can adress others, yet it must not.  'The unhappy' tends to target peaceful happiness - carriers and at times forcefully take what it, by itself, cannot make or keep .. in it's quest to fill its own constant vaccume. Yet .. (holding on to) unhappiness feeds further unhappiness, aggression feeds aggression, war feeds war, while .. only the happy feeds peace. In a world driven by hundreds of egomatic agendas and information manipulations, disorientations and distractions are fueled with details in overwhelm, boosting complication and loss of sight over the bigger picture .. and a blindness results. Yet .. a healthy lead is spotted simply: by observing the means - as well as the outcome - of action. We may have a paradigm change ahead. We do not need a lead(er) into unhealthy directions. Things only work on a big scale when many enough join, ignited and managed within each and every one of us, one by one. Unbalanced, anyone can be mislead. We have the power to turn our back and walk away from anything and anyone who activates aggression and misfortune. It feeds. On itself. We all make up the biggest collective by each one of us. That can be a power often overseen. Happiness is the start, the way and the destination to eternal life in harmonious serenity. And our consciousness in this all .. is the gatekeeper to what we choose to allow and follow to make happen ..  

(picture: 1998, Port Elisabeth, South Africa) 

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