The ways of sincere, loyal life are delicate, labyrinthine and meandering to understand in the present. Going solo means trusting in an inner murmur ... that I make out to be beyond - yet in exchange with - that of…

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01.03.2022, Life is holy


Life is holy.

A being happy in itself by nature enjoys the moment, watches and exists alongside other life around as it is, breathing a thankful, peaceful smile, in bliss and honour of all that is. The happy holds no…

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12.02.2022, Artistic Extensions

"Music" of another kind.

Unique pieces of art, here: a native aboriginal artform - by Mark Eliah - will be made available as signed merchandise to fans .. 

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08.01.2022, CANARY Islands

Soulsearching. Spirittracking. Always .. 
Here on the Canaries for my nature conservation project as well, cleaning up coast lines .. 

06.01.2022, CANARY Islands

. as life goes on .. horizons magically form .. by truth .. and faith .. and .. true steps taken ..  

(from the lyrics of Hope: .. "it's the trying out here for my freedom .. that turned…

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