14.07.2022, Fan Reward Area & more

.. It's in the stars, where (and when) your star falls from the sky .. and as the heat keeps calling your way .. ultimately .. you find ..    your fate ..  
(from the lyrics of 'Stars') 

Following my stars

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08.06. 2022, Mid Germany

Following the heart ..

brings me to places like these. 


They speak deeper than city streets.


And I listen ... 

Greetings ..

from an enlightened space .. 

05.06.2022, Thank you to our monthly listeners

Definitely inspiring to see monthly listening, saves and shares pick up on our streaming platforms (picture here: screenshot of Spotify) ..

       Consistent "love - support" like this (save & listen / share when you listen) is a free way for…

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The ways of sincere, loyal life are delicate, labyrinthine and meandering to understand in the present. Going solo means trusting in an inner murmur ... that I make out to be beyond - yet in exchange with - that of…

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01.03.2022, Life is holy


Life is holy.

A being happy in itself by nature enjoys the moment, watches and exists alongside other life around as it is, breathing a thankful, peaceful smile, in bliss and honour of all that is. The happy holds no…

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12.02.2022, Artistic Extensions

"Music" of another kind.

Unique pieces of art, here: a native aboriginal artform - by Mark Eliah - will be made available as signed merchandise to fans .. 

For enquiries CLICK HERE