Update album release, major - & minor concert venues

Sharing another peek from the video shoot scene of September 2nd, the release of 'everstartedsomewhere' sets it's sights for between September's end & mid October 2018 (also to be available on all major music streaming services).

The first press…

As we go forward

One of the promised glipses from the video shoot, saying great thanks to everyone who has vowed to be with me on this path so far.

'Life' means being live ... and 'a-live'.



Music in motion

Today is music video production day. The video will release shortly after the release of the album. In the next few days we will be sharing some photos with you from the video shoot.

August 2018

With the album - release mounting, much is on the go in the background which we have not been able to share with you yet. We have been deep into management talks, promo - & press interactions, album production…


.. from the concert @ Macondo on 22.06.2018 ..

.. a cell - phone taped video - clip from a fan during the concert @ Macondo on 22.06.2018. Here performing the never - before - published version of "Hope" from the coming album "everstartedsomewhere" .. the album's release…