.. from the concert @ Macondo on 22.06.2018 ..

.. a cell - phone taped video - clip from a fan during the concert @ Macondo on 22.06.2018. Here performing the never - before - published version of "Hope" from the coming album "everstartedsomewhere" .. the album's release…

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.. in May 2018 ..

May 2018 - two fine musicians on stage with ME in Karlsruhe/ Germany - many thanks to Chris Herrle (guitar / stage management) & Marc Jolliffe (keys/ piano).

Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Prime

All albums have been cancelled from streaming services and digital sales partners (Spotify / Apple Music / Amazon Prime, etc.). Our current art & sound of the tour remain accessible only via the EP 2017 at 'Listen and Buy' on…

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From the concert in Karlsruhe/Germany, 12.05.2018

Thank you, Lebo & Karlsruhe - for the kind audience and partly overwhelming comments to our music. We appreciate your being part of our growing journey. The people we were able to personally meet during this trip made our…

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