The Festive Season 2018

December 24th, 2018.

Regardless of ideology or religion: all meet common ground in finding a „home“, a zone - or state - of order, something or somewhere to feel ‚in place‘. In it's quintessence, the ultimate destination for any initiative is reaching fulfillment, a place of „having arrived“ and finding peace.

Peace – a story in a word. A state of being, that - arguably - is the biggest treasure and reward that life holds. Yet often we focus on the multitude of trees and forget the forest.

We don’t always have to unite. We also don’t always need to follow. Our universe is vast & large to inhabit each in their own space. Allowing room to move. To develop. To evolve. In respective paces – and places. With respect and empathy for another and each other's rightful position in the all that is, incorporating a natural balance between the you and I.

May the days of this Festive Season greatly remind of balance – a vital pillar for peace. It starts within and carries outward. And we have our responsible part in it.

Looking to serenity. An environment worth cherishing. Always.

Best wishes.

Mark Eliah

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